10 July 2017

"Bones"--Review and Intro

The kit is comprised of 7 light-grey vinyl parts, a black vinyl tricorder, and a black polystyrene circular display base. The casting quality is superb!

As with Kirk, the proportions are to scale at 8 heads. Likewise, most of the problems I see in the build-ups stem from the modeller, not the kit!
In this instance, however, unlike Kirk, the likeness does leave something to be desired. That being said, the shortcomings are exacerbated by an evinced lack of fundamental modelling skills--or indifference/complacency.

While Kirk aimed at enhancing--and improving upon!--the stock kit, this project will essentially be an extensive conversion using the stock kit as a base: I intend to depict "Bones" in his medical smock.

Anticipated [re]constructive work is as follows:
  • Resculpt portions of the face to enhance the likeness. IP
  • Resculpt the hair. IP
  • Rework the neck join. DONE
  • Resculpt the duty tunic to depict medical smock (S2 specs).  
  • Sculpt the support pedestal. IP

The project, as planned, will use but 4 pieces of the stock kit: head, torso, and arms.

To date, I have removed all the "sprue" funnels and assembled the torso.

When the cost of a hobby exceeds the fun and doesn't attract new people, the game is over.” -
Oscar Koveleski, August 2003

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