26 October 2013

Jessica -- Painting (4) - Finishing

The project is now essentially finished. The bust will be mounted on its display base later today; and then begins the critical finishing phase--including painting the hair-- that will probably take the better part of two weeks.

While I am hardly surprised at how enjoyable this little exercise has been, I am very surprised at how quickly it went. The exceptional casting was certainly a factor, but I must attribute the overall rapid progress to thorough planning and having a definitive "vision" of the finished product. As many of you have heard me say before, you should know what the completed piece will look like before the figure is even primed! There are enough surprises in any given project to go into it clueless and relying on Fortuna's benevolence!

I should have images up within the fortnight! Stay tuned!!

UPDATE. . . Jessica is now permanently attached to her display base; and her hair has been undercoated. While I definitely liked her as a blonde, this is a much better "look" for her.

UPDATE 30.10.2013. . . Just to bring everyone up to date, the ribbon is done, and the hair all-but! Tomorrow will be a down-day at the bench--no, not because I will be indulging ghoulish proclivi- ties; but rather 'cause it is month-end. That's OK. . . it will give the paint another day to set. . . Friday should be "final assembly" day, and by next week, I should be well into my crash OJT using a DSLR!
She really looks the part!!!. . .    

UPDATE 01.11.2013. . . Assembly and the remaining undercoating are DONE! Tomorrow, I will hopefully be able to finish painting the hair, and begin finalization. . . 
Stay tuned!

UPDATE 02.11.2013. . . JESSICA . . . IS . . . DONE!!!!!!

25 October 2013

Jessica -- Painting (3) - Dress

The dress is now DONE!

As I went with a lighter. more neutral hue--as would befit a prom dress, my original plan to make her a blonde does not work as well as I had hoped. By tomorrow, I will have her new hair color undercoated.

More to follow. . .

24 October 2013

Jessica -- Painting (2) - Chest & Back

Not surprisingly, the week at work has not improved one iota. All the more reason to seek relief and gratification at the bench! And it was found!!! The chest and back are now DONE(!); and the wound is about 70% complete!

This is coming together not only faster than anticipated, but better as well. If everything continues to progress as it has, I should have it mounted on its display base by Sunday.

Stay tuned!

22 October 2013

Jessica -- Painting (1) - Head & Face: Day 6

As I had feared, this has been the week from Hell at work--and it's only Tuesday! But the little bench-time afforded me has worked out quite nicely, and THE FACE IS NOW DONE!!! There will probably be some tweaking here and there per usual, but otherwise IT IS DONE! Even the eyes have been glazed!! And I am delighted!!!

I will probably avoid the bench  the remainder of the work week, and hit it hard Friday evening. My goal is to have the chest and back blocked-in before I call it a day on Friday, and then start the localized enhancements on Saturday. I figure the remaining fleshtones will be completed by the first weekend in November (12 days).

Thinking ahead, once the fleshtones are done, and the remainder of the figure undercoated, the bust will be mounted on its permanent display base. . .

More to follow. . .

20 October 2013

Jessica -- Painting (1) - Head & Face: Day 5

As I suspected, yesterday turned out to be an "off" day. Though some research and palette tweaking was accomplished, I didn't get anywhere near the bench.

The down day and the additional research paid off handsomely today: Phase 1 of the face is now done! This new (to me!) approach of working in smaller sections (sub-assemblies, if you will) and then bringing it all together affords a greater degree of control--and yes, precision--to the process. It also affords me a greater opportunity to "switch horses", if you will, if I don't care for how some- thing is developing. I plan to finish the ears and continue working the mouth the remainder of the day.

So far so good! If work isn't too bad this week, I might have a chance to at least block-in the remaining flesh before the weekend. If not, I will spend some time setting-up the photo-shoot area: Rin was kind enough to give his blessing to in-progress reveals!

Stay tuned. . .

18 October 2013

Jessica -- Painting (1) - Head & Face: Day 4

The eyes are now DONE! There will still be some minor tweaking and finishing to be done (read: tying-off the loose ends), such as the milky overglaze, but essentially this watershed phase is now behind me.

I also began glazing and blocking the wounds with oils tonight, as well as applying a very controlled grisaille with Payne's grey over the face. Finally, the first layer of oils was applied to the teeth. 

The second game of the season of the hometown Gladiators is tomorrow night and I will be there! I am going to try to get the face blocked-in before I head out, but we'll see how things look in the morning. . . 

More to follow. . .

17 October 2013

Jessica -- Painting (1) - Head & Face: Day 3

The eyes--or rather, the irises--are now DONE! The overpaint in oils has been completed, and hopefully the surface will be dry in 24 hrs. so that I might paint the pupils and the symptomatic conjunctivitis. Zombies are all about the eyes, and these will set the stage for the balance of the face--and the bust itself.

The venation across the chest and back has been tweaked and enhanced with oils. The stage is now set for the glazing of the flesh.

I can't wait for the weekend!

16 October 2013

Jessica -- Painting (1) - Head & Face: Day 2

The eyes--or rather, the irises--are now done. Unlike my usual approach, these were blocked-in using acrylics. Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to overpaint with oils (using Liquin as a medium), and then paint the pupils on Friday.

I also undercoated the wound; as well as laid down the venation across the exposed flesh. These will represent the normal human veins: the blight veins will be more superficial and darker, and applied over the first coat of oils, thus enhancing the sense of depth, as well as the transparency of the skin.

So far so good. I am very pleased with what is currently before me. . . I just hope I can keep on, keeping on.

15 October 2013

Jessica -- Painting - INTRO: UC'ing

The flesh is now undercoated. This process was quite a revelation in and of itself, as for the very first time in my painting career, I was sorely tempted to complete the fleshtones solely in acryl- ics! I can certainly understand the appeal of the medium, especially in specific instances: in this case, mottled, 'undead" flesh.

I also uc'd the eyes and the teeth. As the eyes will be a multi-layered application, I will try to set the pupils/irises either tomorrow or Thursday.

I will also hopefully be able to apply a basecoat of oils in the next couple of days. That should have the "canvas" ready for mottling, etc. by the end of the week and the weekend.

More to follow. . . 

PS--As soon as I hear from Rin regarding the rules concerning "reveals" prior to the close of competition, I will begin to go into greater detail in my postings, as well as upload ip images--
or not. 

14 October 2013

Jessica -- Painting - INTRO

Painting this bust will be a treat. It being October, however, I fully expect more than a few 'tricks' to insinuate themselves into the process. Hopefully, I will be able to suss most of these out well before they impact my progress. . .

Let the game begin!

2013 Status Report -- [Early] Fall Update REVISED

The newly revised 2014 Show lineup:

1) Jessica (Dark World Creations DotA bust,1/10 scale)
2) "Justice" - Judge Joseph Dredd (Dark World Creations, 70mm)
3) The Rhino (Studio McVey, 65mm)

And this WILL be it! Prospective entries may be removed, but this is the base of what I will be working with through February.
Back to the bench!

13 October 2013

Jessica -- Prep #2

I have already sculpted--and am in the process of finishing--an integral pedestal to support the bust. The remaining prepwork is entirely at the discretion of the miniaturist. 

I decided to do the following:
  • Enhancement of the dorsal surface of the pinna: the back of the ears are essentially featureless. DONE
  • Extend the torn shoulder strap of the dress with MS. This creates more depth and dimensionality to the bust. DONE
  • Undercut all layered surfaces as necessary--notably, the right shoulder strap of the dress. DONE
  • Enhance the edges of the wound with MS. DONE
  • Add distressed areas of flesh on the face. DONE
  • Tear one of the earlobes? DONE
Aside from these minor enhancements, the bust will be essentially stock. 

Back to it! 

UPDATE 14.10.2013. . . Jessica is now in the oven drying, and, barring any oversights on my part, will be primed within 24 hrs. [UPDATE: She is now primed and in the oven curing! Tomorrow, I break out the brushes!!]

Jessica -- Prep #1

As time is of the essence, and this is the only long weekend in October, most of my time will be spent at the bench with the newly-arrived Val Zombie bust. . . totally!

Dark World Creations is an internet-only retailer. Chuck is the only retailer that I know of that carries their products here in the States; BUT. . . he doesn't carry their busts. So when I decided to throw my hat in the ring with their 1st Anniversary Commemorative Painting Contest, my only option was to order direct. NOT A PROBLEM! Aaron (bka Rin) is all about the CS. I first contact- ed him on a Tuesday, and my figure was on-order on Thursday evening. He shipped on Friday, and it was in my hands yesterday! Packaging was exceptional, and the contents were pristine! It was a pleasure to see that kind of concern and care for a client!!

The bust. The character of Jessica, both the 70mm FF and the 1/10th scale bust, were designed/executed by the Swedish graphic artist/sculptor, Pedram Karimfazli. And it (the bust) is exceptional! This ol' dinosaur is actually warming-up to the concept of digital sculpts largely due to the efforts of the artists in DWC's stable. 

The bust consists of two pieces: the bust itself and the ponytail. My only criticism of this piece is the fact that there is no means provided to display the bust. While this is clearly indicated in the description of the piece: "This bust does not include a base or a stand," it is decidedly a bump- in-the-road for the miniaturist who wants to get straight to painting. Personally, it's neither here nor there for me, especially as I tend to rework/replace the pedestal portion of all my busts. But to a relatively inexperienced miniaturist, this could be a deal-breaker after the fact. Jessica is now in the oven with her newly added pedestal: hopefully it will be a done-deal before the lunch break. . .

Casting is exquisite, fit is perfect, and clean-up is minimal. While I could conceivably have her ready for priming before the end of the holiday weekend, it is more likely that I will have her primed and undercoated by the end of next weekend. And that will leave me 4 1/2 weeks to paint, and a fortnight to photograph!

Back to it! 

03 October 2013

Dawn of the Apocalypse Competition & Jessica bust

Greetings all!

Aaron and the good folks at Dark Word Creations have decided to commemorate their first anniversary by sponsoring a Dawn of the Apocalypse Painting Competition.

It is after all October. . . What with Hallowe'en and the premiere of the fourth season of the Walking Dead (October 13th!!!!), how could anyone resist! I am definitely in: my canvas is on order, and the palette-selection has begun. . .

Let the games begin!!!

UPDATE 12.10.2013. . . Jessica has arrived, and is on the bench (well, actually in the oven)! Kudos--and THANKS!--to Aaron (Rin) and the gang at DWC for their superb customer service!!

Back to the bench!

PS--Review and update/s to follow soon!

01 October 2013

"The Revenant" -- Prep #1a

The last major pre-prime hurdle is now behind me. . . The bust has been pre-mounted on its display base, and all is now set to accept the painted work. 

While I will do a quick color sketch on the "groundwork" to block in the colours and get a feel for the hues and tones prior to transferring the bust to its "final resting place", the groundwork will be painted in situ once the bust itself is painted and permanently mounted.

Let the final clean-up and finishing begin!!!