19 July 2017

LCDR Worf: "The Sword of Kahless" (DS9 ep409) -- Review, Project, and Prepwork I

I recently watched an episode of Deep Space 9 that has inspired my next foray into the world of Star Trek. . . LCDR Worf!

While TOS--and DS9!--were handled by AMT/Ertl, TNG was the exclusive domain of GEOmetric Designs. How ably these were rendered by the respective companies is open to discussion; but as full figures, none rated more than a B-/C+. Having said that, GEOmetric was not only the pio- neer in the field, but would eventually release 16 figures in a five-year span (1992-97); AMT/Ertl would release 4 TOS and 2 DS9 offerings from 1994-1995.

This project will revolve around GEOmetric's second release in the series, LT Worf. This rendition depicted Worf as Chief Tactical Officer and Security Chief on the Enterprise-D under CAPT Jean-Luc Picard. Sculpted by John Dennett, it is comprised of 8 pieces beautifully cast in black vinyl: I intend to use 4 of the stock pieces to create a bust of LCDR Worf.

LT Worf was promoted to LCDR in 2371. While awaiting reassignment following the destruction of the Enterprise later that year, Worf took an extended leave of absence from Starfleet to evaluate his future.The following year he was reassigned to Deep Space 9--soon thereafter, he embarked on the quest that is the inspiration of this project. . .

The most obvious difference between this iteration and the stock kit--aside from the conversion 
to a bust--will be the "red" Command tunic in lieu of the "gold" Operations tunic. This is hardly a simple chromatic conversion as the TNG tunic must be reworked to the upper portion of the DS9 Starfleet Utility jumpsuit. In addition, I intend to:
  • Resculpt the hair; add a pony-tail.
  • Replace the Klingon baldric insignia with sculpted emblems. 
  • Resculpt the combadge.
  • Sculpt the Sword of Kahless (bat'leth).
  • Sculpt the support pedestal.

To date, the pieces have been trimmed, and the bust dry-assembled--yes, the fit is that good! 

More to follow. . . 

When the cost of a hobby exceeds the fun and doesn't attract new people, the game is over.” -
Oscar Koveleski, August 2003

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