22 July 2017

Spock - Review and Prepwork I

This project will revolve around the AMT/Ertl's 1/6th scale figure of the USS Enterprise's Vulcan First Officer Mr. Spock (CDR--Starfleet, UFP). This was the third of four TOS figures released by AMT/Ertl.

This kit is comprised of 8 medium-grey vinyl parts, a light grey polystyrene phaser, and a black polystyrene circular display base. The casting quality is VG+++; however the thickness of the vinyl is significantly thinner than the first two releases.
Overall, this is a VG representation of Spock--particularly the likeness! The proportions below the neck are somewhat "discordant", but there is very little that can be done about that. In spite of this, as with the other entries in this line I have reviewed, most of the problems I see in the build-ups stem from the modeller--including that of the boxart! Shortcomings in assembly, but espe- cially in painting, do not do this figure--or the subject!--justice.

As with my other Star Trek character projects, I intend to convert this to a portrait bust. This project will be the least prep-intensive of the four, and can be deemed a near-OOB undertaking. My TDL as of this writing consists of the following:
  • Create and fit the neck.  IP
  • Remove the distal portion of left forearm.  DONE
  • Reposition arms to enhance flow and dynamics.  IP
  • Create and fit the wrist.
  • Tweak the anatomy of the right hand.
  • Tweak the face to enhance the likeness.
  • Rework the duty "tunic" to canon specs.  IP
  • Sculpt the support pedestal.

To date, I have removed all the "sprue" funnels and test-fitted the parts. So far, so good!

When the cost of a hobby exceeds the fun and doesn't attract new people, the game is over.” -
Oscar Koveleski, August 2003

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